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The face of Crete is grim, earnest and tried. Mountains are wild and naked, rugged and solemn. Gazing Crete from the airplane, you realise that she is indeed a bridge connecting three continents.

Deeply marked by these three Fates (Moirae) . For the first time in Europe, the hungry raptor we call culture, leaped on Crete and nested there. It opened its wings on the Cretan land and gave birth to the mysterious, yet silent, full of life, motion and glory, Cretan civilization.

Crete is really full of something primeval, holy, something rueful and proud; something that only bereaved mothers that gave birth to brave men, have. So much did this land fight and suffer, so much has it learnt to face death, that it has lost all fear for it; it has now learnt to laugh and play with death.