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The island of Crete counts thousands of years of human presence and civilization. The historical monuments, archaeological sites and traces of centuries-old traditions in contemporary Cretan culture comprise the most precious treasure of the island. Exploring the Cretan culture is like entering the labyrinth: you never know where the route will take you. Getting lost in its paths, in search of adventure and myth, will definitely be a rewarding experience.


 In Crete you will find:

  • A large number of diverse archaeological sites
  • Many important historical monuments and districts.

The municipalities presented in this site are characterized by unique historical districts and monuments, as well as samples of traditional architecture. These impressive sights mirror the rich cultural heritage of the region: the ways of life, aesthetics, social relations and different architecture styles that dominated and changed throughout history.


  • Interesting cultural landscapes, the product of the long and harmonious co-existence of humans and nature.