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Welcome to the municipality of Paliani

The municipality of Paliani is situated 15 m southwest from the city of Heraklion and is comprised by the villages of Aygeniki, Venerato, Kerasion and Sivas. Paliani borders the municipalities of Heraklion, Gorgolaini, Aghia Varvara and Temenoi. Its population is 2.404 (2001 census).

Paliani, almost to its entirety, is an agricultural area. The main occupations of the people of the municipality are farming and animal husbandry, while the main products are raisins, grapes, olive oil, wine, vegetables, milk and honey.

In the surrounding areas, one can find places of exceptional natural beauty such as, gorges, caves, water-mills and traditional settlements. In addition, there is a great number of temples, many of which are of great archaeological value. Finally, the European long-distance walking path E4 crosses large parts of the municipality.

The districts of Paliani exhibit a remarkable uniformity and due to its proximity to the city of Heraklion it has become possible not only to preserve its population but also to attract young people who choose the municipality as their permanent home.


Municipality of Paliani

Prefecture: Heraklion
Municipality: Paliani
Postal Code: 70011
Telephone #: 2810 791243
FAX: 2810 791218