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Welcome to Sfakia

Welcome to Sfakia: a place of glorious history, culture, ancient legends and traditions; the land of an enthralling and wild scenery. These are the characteristics that have moulded the character of the people of Sfakia and have made them stand out, their land alike, not only in Crete, but in the whole world.

During the course of the centuries, a very particular culture has developed in Sfakia. Sfakia was the point of origin of the most important Cretan revolutions against the Ottomans. Most prominent amongst them, the revolution of 1770 under the leadership of Daskalogiannis and the revolution of Panaghia Thymiani (local church), which is also know as the "Aghia Lavra of Crete" (Aghia Lavra is the place where according to legend, the 1821 Greek revolution began in Peloponnesus). Moreover, the people of Sfakia played an important role in WW II as well as during the Resistance against the German occupation. The price they had to pay for these struggles was heavy. Sfakia were literally burnt to the ground more than once. As a result, the area that was home to more than 15000 people in the beginning of the Daskalogiannis revolution of 1770, now remains home of merely 2500 people.

The people of Sfakia are characterized by several particularities; most prominent amongst them is their sense of pride, their love for freedom and their unique and warm hospitality. This hospitality, is something that you will no doubt have the chance to experience along with the distinct flavours of their unique local products; above all, their dairy products, since Sfakia constitute the single biggest stock-breeding area of Crete.

Nowadays, Sfakia are in the process of a vigorous growth that is primarily driven by the development of essential infrastructure such as a modern road network, water supply and sewage system and the provision for health services.

Sfakia are inviting you and dare you to discover them, having the certitude that they will soon become your new favourite destination.


Municipality of Sfakia

Prefecture: Chania
Municipality: Sfakia
Address Sfakia
Postal Code: 73011
Area: Chora Sfakion
Telephone #: 28250 91131, 91540, 91541-3
FAX: 28250 91543, 91547