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Welcome to the municipality of Temenoi

The municipality of Temenoi covers a total area of 5,661 hectares and is situated 19 km southwest of the city of Heraklion. It is home to one of the most fertile and historic regions of Crete. It is home to 3,400 people that are mainly employed in agriculture, animal husbandry and manufacturing.

The districts of the municipality are the following:

Profitis Elias (former community of Kanli Kasteli), which is the centre of the municipality.

Aghios Syllas, including the communities of Aghios Syllas, Tsagkaraki, Hani of Aghios Syllas, Kampos, Malades, Metohi Zervou.

Kyparissi, with the communities of Kyparissi, Galeni, Kalo, Roukani, Karkadiotissa.


On the southeast of Profitis Elias one can find the twin peak hill of Roka where the Byzantine emperor Nikiforos Fokas built the fortress of Temenoi in 961 A.C.

Recent excavations have shown that the hill of Roka has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Lykastos, one of the 100 cities of Crete quoted in the Homeric poems, was situated in its foothills.


Municipality of Temenoi

Prefecture: Heraklion
Municipality: Temenoi
Address Profitis Elias
Postal Code: 71500
Area: Profitis Elias
Telephone #: 2810 871398, 871660-1
FAX: 2810 871661