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Welcome to Zaros


The area of Zaros is home to a very particular mixture of fauna and flora that form a natural environment of great value. Traces of continuous human activity can be found from the post-minoan period to our days. This environment, along with the utilization of the traditional production methods, forms the basis for a balanced and sustainable development of the area.

Situated on the crossway between Heraklion and Western Messara, two well developed tourist areas, Zaros constitutes a nodal point in the plans for the development of alternative and mild forms of development.

The municipality of Zaros is a mountainous area, located on an altitude of 500m on the south foothill of Psiloritis, which is the highest mountain of Crete. In the north it borders the municipality of Anogeia, in the south with the municipality of Moires, in the east with the Municipality of Rouvas and on the west with the municipality of Tympaki. Its centre is the historic town of Zaros. Its continuous habitation since antiquity is primarily attributed to the existence of vast fresh-water sources. What's more, the great quantities of water are what gave Zaros its name (Za (vast) + rhus (flow)). It is about 45 km away from Heraklion and you can arrive there through the provincial road.

The villages Zaros, Vorizia, Moroni, Makres, Panaghia, Lalouma and the abandoned settlements of Nea Vorizia, Kourtes, Fari, Paliama, Kalathiana and Mesiskli, all within 5 km of each other, constitute the municipality of Zaros, which covers just above 7.200 hectares of land, 4.150 of which is covered with forest. This vast forest of pines, cypress and oaks is one of the largest in Crete.

The main assets of the Zaros municipality make it suitable for the development of cultural and a nature-loving alternative form of tourism.


Municipality of Zaros

Prefecture: Heraklion
Municipality: Zaros
Address Zaros
Postal Code: 70002
Area: Zaros
Telephone #: 2894 340200 
FAX: 28940 31849