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Aromatic and wild plants

Cretan flora is one of the most diverse in Europe and has its own distinct history. The distinct landscape formations of the island such as mountains, gorges, islets, etc., create a huge range of biotopes with micro-climates. In the frame of the NATURA 2000 research program, out of the 109 distinct types of habitats found in Greece, 55 were located in Crete. Even if Crete's 8306 square km are barely 6% of the country's area, more than 28% of Greece's types of plants can be found on Crete.

Despite the "brutal" development in Crete during the last few decades, the island is still considered to be a heaven of biodiversity: 1734 kinds of endemic kinds of plants have been found; 10% of which are only found in Crete. 66 of these kinds are under the threat of extinction while 120 of them are protected by the law. This incredible biodiversity of Crete is attributed to its geographical position, its landscape and variety of microclimatic conditions.