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Flora of Crete

The Cretan flora features an amazing variety of 1.706 plants (self-sown), from which 178 are considered exclusively endemic of the island and 38 belong to the wider region of Crete and Karpathos. This means that these species are not found anywhere else on the planet. Even though the Cretan flora is one of the most studied in Europe, it still keeps many secrets. The harsh alpine areas of the island and the hard-to-access gorges that have not yet been fully explored are home to some rare species of flora. In order to better understand the importance of the Cretan flora, keep in mind that in an area of 8.306 square kilometers that represents only 6% of the terrain of Greece, Crete is home to the 28% of Greece's plant species. This unique wealth is owed to the island's unique geographical position, geological history and variety of biotopes.

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